• Entrants are either nominated by their peers, managers or are self nominated for entry.
  • All entrants are required to complete the first assessment, which consists of a questionnaire.
  • The Master Judge will assess all entries and select the semi-finalists. These are the Top 10 in each category.



  • Each candidate will complete a short video interview and are required to answer set leadership-focused questions.
  • The judging Panel will select 5 candidates from each category, based on their video submissions – the finalists.



  • The finalists in each category will face a judging panel comprising industry/HR experts and corporate CEOs and HRDs.
  • All Finalists will be required to complete and present a case study which is given to them upon arrival at judging.
  • The judges will probe behavioural indicators (both positive and negative) for each criteria. Again this round will focus on the evidence of behaviour as well as how the candidate would have applied the behaviour in the work context.
  • The judges will choose the final candidate based on their previous submissions, the final interview and their case study presentation.
  • All 5 finalists are invited to attend the Gala Awards Evening where we celebrate the IAMS Powerhouse Rising Star Awards Finalists where the winners will be announced.